Clearview Wrist Fixator

UAT is the world’s first provider of a permanent interphalangeal ceramic biomedical implant allowing bony ongrowth.

Strong. Lightweight. Biocompatible.

“Our goal is to provide better quality of life through our products”

We took advanced technology from our Aerospace Division and through a cooperative effort across all divisions created a product that improves the quality of life for many sufferers of arthritis and/or an injury.


Apex Product Features

  • Zirconia Ceramic Material for superior strength characteristics
  • Increased biocompatibility over competitive implants
  • Textured stem surface allows for improved implants anchoring
  • Improved anatomical stem design
  • Non-metallic components
  • intuitive instrumentation

Apex Product Indication

Joint replacement surgery of the hand is an excellent option for treating arthritis. This surgery can provide pain relief, increase finger range of motion, and improve hand function.

  • 50% or less joint space narrowing;
  • Bone stock loss, erosions and hypertropic spurs;
  • The above plus subluxation, angulation and increased deformity
  • Patient needs a revision of failed MCP, PIP or MCM prosthesis(es).

Intraoffice adjustable

The ClearView™ Wrist Fixator allows the surgeon to easily perform intraoperative and intraoffice distraction and adjustments. And all the above enable the patient to quickly resume everyday tasks such as donning clothing and performing simple hygiene — “luxuries” that traditional, more cumbersome fixation devices simply do not allow.


Translucent and radiolucent

The wrist fixator is translucent and radiolucent, giving the operating surgeon an unobstructed view of the trauma area, regardless of the viewing angle — AP, oblique, or lateral. Half pins are the only elements visible on an x-ray.

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This brief presentation highlights some of the core design features for our Apex™ Implant.

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