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Researches and develops new products and capabilities across all of the company’s market segments with a focus on innovation, advanced experimentation, and prototyping. UAT’s Applied Sciences Division (ASD) is one of Umbra Applied Technologies seven divisions. Its portfolio of research and product development includes advanced technology solutions for unmanned aircraft programs, space and satellite systems, intelligence and security systems, advanced energy systems, biomedical and directed energy weapons platforms.

In short, this is where magic actually happens and disruptive technologies are born. Autonomous systems come to life when advanced AI is integrated with innovative engineering, existing technology meets a limitless mindset and where the genesis of new technology begins as direct result of a risk tolerant culture found only in Scorpion Works.

“We must not be afraid to fail. I make sure that every member of the Scorpion team understands that they are afforded the opportunity to fail for in that lies the opportunity to learn. We cannot innovate 40 to 50 years ahead of current technology if we promote a culture that fosters a fear of failure and robs us of an opportunity to learn something; anything.”

Alex Umbra- CEO Umbra Applied Technologies

“Changing The World, Is What We Do”.

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