UAT Advanced Medical Research

The Umbra Applied Technologies Biotech Division (UATBD) performs medical reconnaissance and special operations to address critical gaps that are absent in defense medical research programs. UATBD fosters research on health informatics, telemedicine, medical training systems, computational biology, and promotes and manages, science and engineering in other key portfolios. Through an extensive network of partners, UATBD is focused at both ends of the research spectrum, exploring models of high risk and innovative research, and putting research findings into the hands of warfighters while looking toward a wider civilian utility.

The UATBD is an innovative research organization with a vision of: World-class, operationally relevant health and medical research solutions – anytime, anywhere!

In todays world, we face not only the medical threats associated with conventional warfare, but also the potential use of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism against our military forces and our citizens. Thus, research at UATBD is focusing on finding solutions to both traditional battlefield medical problems and naturally occurring infectious diseases, as well as to health problems associated with non-conventional weapons, including thermobaric blast, biological agents, and radiation. In fact, research is being conducted in each of the following areas:

• Biological Defense
• Infectious Diseases
• Combat Casualty Care
• Biomedical Research
• Directed Energy Bioeffects
• Environmental Health
• Aerospace Medicine
• Tropical Medicine
• Medical Modeling, Simulation and Mission Support
• Warfighter Performance
• Epidemiology and Behavioral Sciences
We are proud to be out in front for advanced medical research and sciences, committed to creating value for our military, by improving readiness and enhancing future capabilities through our vital work in the areas of infectious diseases, biological defense, military operational medicine, combat casualty care, and radiation research, all in support of U.S. warfighters.

As our nation and our warfighters prepare to face an uncertain future, UATBD will continue to be there to support them with world-class, operationally relevant health and medical research, development, testing, evaluation, and surveillance.