The UAT Mission

Innovative thinking, responsible technology. At Umbra Applied Technologies this isn’t just a “catch phrase”, it’s a corporate culture that permeates everything we do. Our uncompromising core values demand that we responsibly use our technological resources to protect the lives of our citizens, public servants and soldiers. Innovation is at once the exemplar of responsibility and the paragon of social progress. Innovation breeds credibility, and innovation proliferates fortitude.

Innovation is the credo of Umbra Applied Technologies. The term “valor” will be defined by this, in future generations.

UAT’s resolute purpose is to better the world through technological innovation; through a paradigm shift in clean technologies, in areas of defense, of national security, of medical research and alternative energies. The motivation behind this is the protection of civilians, soldiers, assets, infrastructures and Citizens.

While UAT regards these protections as paramount to the company’s functions, we extend that focus towards human-, environmental- and talent-resource sustainability. Whether it’s UAT’s clean water technologies, its efforts to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, its focus upon medical research to save lives, or its efforts to improve the day-to-day existences of America and its allies, UAT changes the world through technology. The corporate culture at UAT is designed to foster innovation and sustain talent while commanding market share. Our company impacts the world through technology, and the community through service. We believe fervently that this corporate culture will in turn foster growth and innovation in the local communities surrounding UAT’s production facilities and corporate offices.

Through responsible fiscal governance and brand management, the company will build shareholder value. This is accomplished through consistently building to a standard, not a price–and through consistently delivering a portfolio of quality products.

Effective performance management, strong program execution and the delivery of innovative, proprietary solutions and services are integral to our business and are built upon our reputation for technical excellence in engineering throughout our organization.

Unmitigated progress in defense, national security, environmental sustainability and medical research is the calling of this generation. UAT stands ready to answer that call.