UAT Arms

SWAT Team AssaultRepresenting the highest standards of design and manufacturing, our ARMS division in concert with our elite SWORD (Special Weapons & Ordinance Research Division) unit, have redefined what it means to be a combat worthy tool.  Utilizing only the finest materials, our combat tools are manufactured using the most advanced processes and designed with the highest expectations within tolerance limits. At UAT, MILSPEC is the starting point, not the end goal.  Our combat systems are designed from day one to exceed MILSPEC and to be the most reliable and advanced tools in a combat operations theatre.

At Umbra Applied Technologies we understand what it means to have the best tools so you can deliver your best performance.  When a warfighter is issued a combat tool with the UAT logo on it, he will instantly feel the confidence that comes from having the very best tools at his disposal.  UAT holds the lives of American warfighters in the highest regard and honor which is why we simply will not sacrifice reliability, efficiency and durability for dollars and cents.

Within the UAT doctrine is the haunting spirit of knowing what would happen if we did not deliver our very best each and every time.  Failing to provide American troops with the very best tools to perform their duties could have catastrophic results not just for the warfighter but for the country at large.  This is precisely why every combat system that we deliver is meticulously designed and rigorously tested, because failing to deliver the best is just not an option for us.

P-KEW (Portable Kinetic Energy Weapon)

pkew tab imageThe UAT P-KEW platform is an electromagnetic projectile launcher utilizing Lorentz force to launch a small projectile at hypersonic speeds. This man portable weapons platform will represent an incredibly new offensive capability for the U.S. Military Special Operations Warfighter. This force multiplier has three distinct advantages, not the least of which is its enhanced effective range, It is safer because it doesn’t require any explosive materials and it is less expensive to operate making it more cost effective for taxpayers.

The projectile is smaller than conventional small arms which means a warfighter can carry more ammunition resulting in an increased capability to place more “rounds” down range when needed. We are currently researching different projectile material composition to meet the highly dynamic needs of a combat theatre.


Umbra Battle Rifle (UBR-16)

machine tabRepresenting the highest standard of tactical weapons, every UBR is built by hand at state-of-the-art and manufacturing facilities here in the United States because if it is not built here it won’t be built at all. Even from a distance, the UBR is instantly recognizable as a symbol of American power with every aspect being engineered to enhance the weapons reliability and durability because we are acutely aware of whom it is we serve and the mission they endure every day to protect us.

The Umbra Battle Rifle redefines the marque for the 21st century – a fitting celebration of the principles of the men and women who founded this country and who continue to defend it. This continuing pursuit of innovation, reliability and durability realized in our UBR-16 platform has instantly created new benchmarks for the industry. With the launch of the UBR-16 we have pushed new boundaries to build the most powerful combat tool a warfighter can possess. We have invested heavily in the weapons efficiency, reliability and durability without sacrificing any measure of the weapons practical function or efficiency.

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