UAT will work closely with department component intelligence organizations as well as state, local, tribal, and private-sector entities to ensure non-traditional streams of information are fused with traditional IC sources to provide a complete assessment of threats to the nation.

Rapid Development & Deployment

“And Ye Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Umbra Applied Technologies (UAT) is looking to develop and deploy an intelligence division which ensures that information related to homeland security threats is collected, analyzed, and disseminated to the full spectrum of homeland security customers in the Department, at state, local, and tribal levels, in the private sector, and in the Intelligence Community (IC).

UAT seeks to optimize its customers capability to collect and analyze intelligence and information and produce finished analyses tailored to the needs of our key customers. UAT will provide the country’s leaders at all levels of government with a timely, actionable, and complete understanding of homeland security threats to facilitate informed decision-making, policies, and appropriate operational responses.

Very Large Array satellite dishes, New Mexico, USA

Cyber Security

Worldwide estimates put the cost of cyber crime over $1 trillion annually. At UAT, we work with our clients to manage risk by providing mission-critical cyber security solutions, information technology, intelligence and analytical tools, and support solutions.

We work with our clients to collect and manage information to provide intelligence, maintain security, manage risk and strengthen resilience in today’s complex operating environment.

3D Molecular Body Imaging

This technology surpasses CAT scan, MRI and PET Scan in its unique capability to image the human body by chemical element. Can detect and image down to the molecular structure of an individual cell and detect as well as identify any anomalies. This should drastically reduce misdiagnosis and prevent the loss of precious life saving time for critically ill patients.


Veritas (Emotion & Reaction Analysis)

Veritas is a full-scale automated facial expression and voice analysis solution used to gather accurate, objective, and detailed information about the emotions of the target/interviewee. UAT’s professional/security level emotion and reaction analyzer used for deception detection is based on our D.V.A (Dynamic Voice Analysis) technology and advanced face modeling

our core values

Our Core competencies also address homeland security and large-scale civil information systems that enhance city, county and state government services.UAT is quickly becoming a leader in aerospace, possessing one of the industry’s most innovative and dynamic group of professionals

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